I thought I'd pop in and let everyone know what will be happening for 2023 with BubbleHunter.

First, I will continue to do in-person vendor events.  I really enjoy them and my oldest granddaughter has been attending quite a few with me, which makes it even better.  My goal is to find some new events, and attend some that we have already attended.  I believe I have 5 on my list so far, all of which I attended in 2022.

I will be signing up through Faire to try my hand at wholesaling.  I'm a bit nervous, and really have no idea how it will work, but I'm going to go for it.  I think that I need to do this to expand my business.  With this, I might include guest soap sizes to see if hotels or B&B's would bite.  Still just a thought for now.  

I have decided to NOT do seasonal soap releases, and focus on what I want in my specific line.  I have found that some seasonal soaps really sell well, and others are a complete flop.  And, to really establish my brand, I need to focus on what I know sells and just make those particular items.  That's not to say that I won't make "new" scented soaps or products to add to a season, I just won't be experimenting as much as I have up to now.  

I am still not happy with my packaging.  I don't like that the soap sleeves, and other labeling are so plain and that for my sugar scrubs and other items, the labels are not waterproof.  I believe that now, with my focused branding, I might be able to have someone else print the labels for me... or, I will have to purchase a new printer so that I can print the labels on clear, waterproof labels.  I guess I will have to weigh out what the best cost would be for me.  

I've also started making other, non-consumable things, like lip balm holders, soap saver pouches, and other items.  I may need to revamp the lip balm holders a bit so that the lip balm doesn't continue to fall out, but otherwise, I'm happy with how they look.  Watch for new soap pouches, embroidered wash cloths and towels, and sleep masks.  Perhaps a hand sanitizer pouch will show up at some point too.  

My goal is to also post more YouTube videos of unboxings and product making.  I haven't done much of that recently, so I really need to settle in and start posting again.  I'm hoping that this will also push for more sales online.  

This is all that I have for now.  Keep watch on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more stuff.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support.  Cindy


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