It's been a time since my last post.  Life really gets crazy doesn't it.  

So, what am I working on?  Well, lots! 

I attended a show in Benson a week ago and it was very successful.  I was soooo happy.  I sold a bunch of soaps, bath bombs and cocoa bombs (more to come on this)!

I've been working on new Fall/Winter bath bombs.  This year I wanted to have some "fancy" bombs.  Here's a look at one of them.  Ummm, after making these, my entire studio was COVERED in wonder bar frosting lol!  I really should have taken a picture of me and the floor... it was a disaster.  But, they were worth it with how they turned out.  This one is scented in Snow Fairy fragrance oil from Flaming Candle, which is a Dupe of Lush's fragrance.  See description below.   

A combination of light fruits and florals, peaches, bananas, and citrus is followed with soft florals of jasmine and wild violets on a background of warm vanilla and exotic musk. Inspired by the Lush fragrance.

I have a few more to make, but am well on the way to getting them done.  I will also be making "regular" round bath bombs with toys in them this year.  Christmas is a time not to skimp out and I am trying to grow my business, so why not!  

Regarding the cocoa bombs, you may want to keep watch on my partner blog for those... I also have a Facebook page started that you can follow  I'll get it more setup eventually so you can actually order from it, but I'm not there yet.  I'm feeling it out right now so stay tuned.  

November 4th through the 6th, I will be at the Arts & Crafters Tour, located at 4255 Co Rd 11 Northeast Alexandria MN.  Come shop in person to get some of these huge and amazing new bath bombs as well as our new Fall/Winter Soaps.  

That's it for now.  Come see me in Alexandria, shop on the website or you can now shop on Facebook.  

See you soon!  


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